SEO For 2019

April 26, 2019

SEOLong gone are the days when you could simply put your keyword on a web page and generate traffic.

Since the days of “Penguin” and “Panda”, the requirements to bring your website and pages to the forefront of your customers have gotten more and more complex.

So, just what are the major areas you need to look out for in 2019? Here’s a list:

Optimize Your Titles and Headings
Prioritize Pages in Website Navigation
Add Breadcrumbs to Your Pages
Implement Tracking on Your Site
Install an SSL Certificate
Secure Your Maps Listing
Compress & Optimize Your Images
Increase Site Speed
Interlink Your Pages with Keyword Rich Anchor Texts
Link to Relevant, Authority Websites
Secure Your Social Media Profiles
Increase The Shareability of Your Pages & Posts
Share Other People’s Content
Ask Friends and Customers for Reviews
Custom Design Your 404
Post Fresh, High Quality Content
Update/Improve Existing Content
Repurpose Existing Content
Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
Invest in advertorials with nofollow backlinks
Acquire Your Competitors’ Backlinks