At iKirco we specialize in a variety of disciplines to serve Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham, and the surrounding areas. Although we are fundamentally a printing and design company, we also offer technical and business solutions such as…

iKirco Business Training v1.001) Business Training – Businesses are always looking for new customers.  In this age of rapid technological change are you making the most of what is available?  Take our free online business training course and find out.

Content Creation v1.002) Content Creation – What good is the best written article or story if nobody sees it?  In this era of post “Penguin & Panda” Google updates it is important that an article not only be well written in order to engage readers, it has to be properly SEO optimized and integrated in order for an audience to even find it.  As such, we offer fully SEO optimized articles utilizing the latest LSI keywords for your website or blog.

Logo Design v1.003) Logo Design – Companies are always on the move to attract new audiences and gain market share.  Sometimes one of the easiest ways to do this is to re-brand yourself.  If Google can do it via “Alphabet” how about your business?  We can help give your business a new look or brand with a flashy new logo.

iKirco Mobile Apps v1.004) Mobile Apps – More and more people are leaving their desktop computers behind and communicating with others via mobile devices.  If your website or web content is not mobile friendly you are losing out big time and this trend will only continue in the future.  We offer a full range of mobile apps to suit any need and capacity whether HTML, Android, or Apple.

iKirco Programming v1.005) Programming – We already mentioned that our president was a successful computer programmer and we still how this capability at iKirco.  We offer up customer programming in .NET, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and HTML.

iKirco Video Services v1.006) Video Services – Did you know that YouTube is the second most visited site in the world today? Video is hot and companies realize that they need to get into video quickly so that they can keep ahead of the competition. At iKirco we have been in the video arena for many years and would love to develop a video creation and marketing campaign for you.

Website Creation v1.007) Website Creation – We have many years of website creation experience from the simplest of HTML web pages to full-featured websites with all the “bells and whistles”.  We are experts and creating, customizing and maintaining WordPress blogs for clients.