Mobile Marketing For A Small Business or, in other words…

How Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Profits And Benefit Your Small Business Overall

iKirco - Casual Woman With Smart PhoneWe would like to thank you in advance for visiting our website.  At iKirco we have been in the computer programming industry for 30+ years.  Starting off in the world of mainframes, then progressing to mini’s and PC’s and now on to the world of mobile devices.  Today we are all about mobile websites/apps and marketing as this is where the industry is heading.  If you are not utilizing mobile technology to assist your business now…you soon will be.

We have found that there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in regards to what mobile marketing is, and what it is not.  For starters, did you know that:

  • Over $10 billion will be spent on websites through mobile phones in 2012…
  • This number will increase to an incredible $31 billion by 2016…
  • Nearly 50% of all mobile phone users now have smartphones.
  • And over 95% of them use their phones daily to access the web, research businesses and services and buy items online.

No, going “mobile” is not some fad or craze.  This is happening right now, in real time, as I write this article, and there is no sign that this trend will go away. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that it is going to continue to grow at astronomical rates. As technology advances it is imperative that you grasp onto the latest technological advances before your competitor does. If you don’t, your business might not have the time it needs to recover. Facebook seemed to come out of nowhere, and such could be your competitor if they embrace mobile technology before you do.

In order to assist you in understanding this mobile craze better we have developed a series of articles on this subject. They will range from a rather broad overview of the mobile advertising business as a whole and get more specific in articles about QR codes and other technical matters.

Oh, and don’t worry…we will keep these articles as simple and as “non-technical” as we can. Our goal is to not get you lost in the technical details, but to give you a broad overview of what is happening in the mobile industry these days and how you can utilize this technology to benefit your business. If you don’t need it we will tell you so. If you definitely need it or risk losing out to your competition we will tell you that as well.

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